Stop hiding – start shining!

We all have moments when we don’t feel comfortable in our bodies (and our lives generally). It’s totally normal. But if those feelings persist for too long, we have to do something, or the quality of our life goes down.

Women are especially prone to negative self-talk and body shaming. And it’s no wonder that we have those feelings, because as women we are bombarded from all sides about how we should look, what we should achieve, how we should feel … The list goes on and on.


Feeling enough

One of the most liberating things in life is when you realize that simply, you are enough. No matter what you do, say, achieve, or look like – you’re enough. Period.  And in our humble opinion, one of the best things for overcoming shame and boosting self-confidence is definitely pole dance.

Now you’re going to ask, what has pole dance to do with positive self-confidence? A lot. You’ll see that in a bit.


Start pole dancing and transform your life

Pole dance can be an excellent transformational tool that leads you from where you are now to where you want to be, or who you want to become.

When you commit to this fantastic sports discipline, you’re not only training your body, but you also go into the deepest parts of your soul. Yes, a lot of times, the process can be challenging and not very pleasant, but if you persist, you will emerge a little bit different. You will grow, develop, and become aware of what matters to you, not to other people, but to you.


And when you know who you really are and what are your values, there’s no more space in your life for shame, negative self-talk and other completely unproductive things. You become the centre of your life, in a positive way.

With regular pole dance practice, you become stronger not only physically but also mentally. You can stand up for yourself and tell your truth.

And when dark moments come (they always will, trust me), you’ll be able to deal with them more efficiently and with less drama.


Your tribe creates your vibe

Another crucial thing about pole dance is the support from fellow pole dancers. The pole dance community is one of the most supportive and loving communities you’ll ever be part of. In such a friendly environment, feeling safe and loved is a piece of cake.

And at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters in life – to be surrounded by people who accept us just the way we are. Then it’s easier for us to stop hiding and step into the limelight of our own lives.


So, the time to shine is now – we at Poledancerka team believe in you!



Hey, we would also like to hear your stories. Please, share with us and other readers if (and how) pole dance has changed your life? Let’s share some positive vibes – maybe we can encourage someone out there to try pole dance too! 

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