Healing a broken heart with pole dance

Breakups suck. No one likes them. Of course, you need to take some time to mourn a lost love, but eventually it’s time to move on. You can’t stay forever in your cave, watching romantic movies and stuffing yourself with unhealthy comfort-food.

So if you (or your friends) are dealing with a breakup, this is for you, and can even save you. There are many ways and options that can help you to deal with this challenging period, but pole dance can serve as great breakup therapy. And here comes the ‘why’.


Pole dance is the ultimateself-confidence boost.

After a breakup, our self-confidence can be down. We keep asking ourselves what is wrong with us, or how could we act differently … The list of things to beat ourselves up with goes on and on.

We can fall into the trap of blaming ourselves that the relationship didn’t last.

So, if you relate to the above scenario, try pole dancing. Why? It will help you go from your head to your body. And with regular practice, you will realize just how much your body is capable of. Your mood and posture will change … And sooner or later, you will change, too. You’ll become less judgemental toward yourself, and with time you will realize that you are worthy of love again.


Pole dance will help you to get in touch with your feminine side.

After a good workout, we feel so much better, right? We can feel our hearts beating faster, we’re slightly out of breath and sweaty. Moving our bodies can have many benefits, not only on physical health but also on mental health.

Besides a great workout, pole dance can also help you to get in touch with your feminine side again. It can help you to feel sexier, more empowered and ready to start meeting new people again. Some day you’ll find yourself standing in front of the mirror saying to yourself: “I’m sexy, and I know it.”


Pole dance will help you to become happy again.

It’s completely normal that you need some time to heal after a breakup. It’s a challenging thing. But if that period of constant sadness lasts for too long, it’s not ok.

That’s why it’s vital to not just stay at home and feel sorry for yourself  but to move your body. During an intense pole dance class, your body will produce tons of endorphins, or happy hormones. So, after the session, you’re going to feel so much calmer, more content and more optimistic.


With a regular pole dance practice, you’ll also get a fantastic community.

As I’ve said many times before, the pole dance community is simply the best. I’ve met many amazing and supportive people at the pole dance classes. And after a breakup, this is precisely what we all need. We need to surround ourselves with people that accept us just the way we are. No judgement, just pure love and support.




So, how did you heal after a difficult breakup? What helped you the most? How much time did you need to really move on? I would really appreciate it if you shared your experience with the community – maybe your advice will be exactly what someone out there needs right now. 

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