Pole dance as a powerful tool for self-expression

What does pole dancing mean to you? Is it just a form of good physical exercise, or is there something more?

Many people who start pole dancing, find that the way they perceive themselves, and the world around them, changes and brings a new sense of freedom. They find it teaches them how to really accept and love themselves. Moreover, it gives them the freedom to express themself authentically.

Have you ever thought about pole dancing in this way?


Endless freedom for self-expression

Moving your body through pole dance is slightly different than any other sports activity. It’s not about the rounds and repetitions. It’s not about the number of perfect push-ups or squats. It’s not about time.

When pole dancing, you are completely in control of yourself. But control doesn’t come from the outside; it is inside us. And that is just so liberating. In pole dance, we can express ourselves and our emotions through our movements. In that way, we create our own piece of art.

We can tell a powerful story about ourselves, and our lives in general, through movement. We can express all of our emotions and all the frustrations … Yes, pole dance is, in its own way, a very special form of (self) therapy.


It teaches us a lot about ourselves. Therefore, it’s a highly transformative practice. The most important lesson is definitely a lesson about radical self-acceptance. Initially, many of us may have wanted to be something we are not. Perhaps we wanted to be likeable. Maybe we wanted to give the impression that we had everything in our life under control.

But over time, masks start to slip. Because we were not being ourselves, we didn’t make more noticeable progress on our pole. We were in our own bubble, our own comfort zone. But in reality, we didn’t feel like ourselves at all.

There was too much tension in us. But in time we realised we were surrounded by so much support, love and acceptance. No one was judging us on the classes. No one wanted us to change or to fit in.  And we admired girls who allowed themselves to be who they were. No masks, nothing. Just a raw expression of themselves.


So at one point, maybe we decided that we were also going to give it a try and be unapologetically ourselves on the pole. This practice of pole dance became even more liberating. When we were dancing on the pole we started to use our body as a tool for self-expression. It didn’t matter if our moves weren’t perfect because deep inside, we could feel  something heavy fall off our shoulders. We could finally breathe.

We started to feel so alive, so feminine, so oneself. And we didn’t need to apologise for who we were anymore. It was a giant leap of faith for us, but it was worth it.


If you’re also holding yourself back on the pole, please stop. Allow yourself to be you. To be that wild, untamed woman who puts herself first. Believe me, a new horizon is going to open up for you.



I would like to know whether pole dance taught you how to express yourself more freely? Is a pole dance your way of self-expression? Or is it something completely different? I would be so grateful to read your thoughts about it. 

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