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Is pole dancing for kids too?

In the last few years, the whole perspective on pole dance has changed dramatically, which is such a great news! A lot of things have happened, but what we’re most proud of is that pole dance has become an internationally recognized official sport. It’s a serious sports activity that requires a lot of strength, flexibility, […]

Top summer tips for every pole dancer

How are you spending your summer days? Have you been practicing pole dance this summer, or have you preferred other activities during the hot months? Well, here are some super simple tips that will help you stay connected (in one way or another) to pole dance.   Stay in shape If you take a break […]

Sustainable collection for a better world

Since its inception, Poledancerka has put a lot of emphasis on environmental protection and more conscious consumption. Our vision has always been clear: Creating high-quality and sustainable pole dance clothes and apparel. And little by little all the pieces have come together. In this post, I want to present our brand new sustainable collection that […]

Time to get familiar with some pole dance terms

Pole dance is definitely a unique sports discipline. Some people still don’t consider it as sport, and see it more as an artistic performance, but that’s the beauty of pole dance – it can be both! Pole dance gives you a strong and demanding workout and at the same time enables you to bring out […]

How to stay motivated with pole dance?

The beginning of the year is the perfect time for a fresh start. That is – for introducing a new healthy habit into our everyday lives and getting rid of a not so healthy ones. Yet we all know from experience that deciding on a new healthy habit is the easy part. Actually sticking to […]

Your perfect pole dance outfit

When I think about pole dance, the first couple of things that come to my mind are empowerment, strength, sisterhood, flexibility, power. But I also always think about clothes. Designing clothes for pole dance is my passion. The right pole dance outfit is vital, there’s no doubt. So this post is for all of you […]

Getting back on track after an illness

It’s that time of the year again … And with that, I don’t mean the festive time of the year, but I have in mind the season of viruses, flu … You get the point. If you’re perhaps sick at the moment or have just had a cold, then you might feel a little bit […]

Common Myths about Pole dancing

Even though pole dancing is becoming more and more popular each year, there’s still a whole array of myths out there, circulating around our society. So, for this post, we decided to dig into some of the most common myths about pole dancing and try to debunk them.   #1 You should be strong and […]

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