Getting Down and Dirty: The Crucial Role of Floorwork in Pole Dance Training

If you think pole dancing is all about graceful spins and jaw-dropping inversions, you’re in for a surprise. Today’s spotlight is on the often-underestimated gem of pole dance training – floorwork! Yup, that’s right, we’re taking it down to the ground to explore why floorwork is an absolute must-have in your pole dance training routine.


The Art of Transitions

Pole dance is like a dance of gravity-defying moves. Still, the magic that happens between those moves often goes unnoticed. Floorwork is your ticket to mastering those fluid transitions that will make your pole routine a masterpiece.


Boosting Body Awareness

Let’s be honest – floorwork isn’t just about looking stunning; it’s also about feeling in tune with your body. When you’re down there, exploring various movements, you’re heightening your body awareness. You become more mindful of how your limbs move, how your muscles engage, and how your weight shifts.


Embracing Sensuality

Sensuality and empowerment are cornerstones of pole dancing. And what’s more sensual than confidently slinking and rolling on the floor? Floorwork allows you to explore your sensuality in a safe and empowering way. It’s about embracing your body, letting go of inhibitions, and feeling the power in every movement.


Full-Body Workout

Don’t be fooled into thinking that floorwork is just about looking pretty – it’s a fantastic workout, too! When you’re engaging your muscles to support your movements, you’re giving your entire body a workout.


While doing floorwork, don’t be too hard on your knees

One thing is for sure: Floorwork is your playground for creativity. There are no rules here – you can experiment with shapes, levels, and angles, discovering movements that feel uniquely you. It’s a space where you can improvise and explore without the pressure of nailing a specific trick.


But while doing floorwork, it’s super important to take care of your knees, especially if they’re very sensitive. That’s why our knee pads are a must-have for every single pole dancer. Believe me, your knees will be forever grateful.

So, the next time you find yourself twirling around that pole, remember that the floor is your partner in crime, ready to elevate your performance in ways you never thought possible. Get down, get dirty, and let your body tell the story it was born to tell.



Is floorwork a staple of your pole dance routine? Do you have some more tips and tricks to share? Let’s have a conversation in the comment section down below.

Keep your pole dance passion alive over the summer!

The summer season tempts us with beach vacations, pool parties, and lazy afternoons under the sun. However, amidst all these seasonal distractions, staying committed to our fitness routines is essential, especially for those passionate about pole dancing. Embracing pole dance training during the summer can have numerous benefits. Whether you’re an experienced pole dancer or a curious beginner, here’s why you should continue pole dancing throughout the summer months.


Maintain Physical Fitness.

Pole dance is a demanding form of exercise that engages various muscle groups, improves flexibility, and enhances core strength. Consistent training helps maintain the physical fitness levels you have worked hard to achieve. During the summer, when routines can be easily disrupted, regular pole dance sessions act as a reliable anchor, ensuring you stay in top shape. By dedicating time to practice spins, tricks, and routines, you’ll keep your body toned and agile. Remember, it’s easier to maintain your progress than start from scratch later on.


Overcome Summer Laziness.

Let’s face it – the summer heat can be exhausting, and we may find ourselves slacking off on exercise. However, pole dance training provides the perfect antidote to seasonal laziness. Once you step into the studio or find a spot at home, you’ll feel an energy boost and renewed motivation. Even if you can’t make it to the studio as often as you’d like, occasional practice at home is better than none at all.


Explore New Studios.

If you’re travelling during the summer, don’t let your pole dance journey take a break. Many pole dance studios offer summer training sessions, which can be an excellent opportunity to explore new places and meet fellow pole dancers. Whether you’re in your hometown or a foreign city, you can check online to find the nearest pole dance studio. Joining classes in different locations can expose you to diverse teaching styles and techniques, enriching your pole dance experience.


Expand Your Pole Dance Network.

Summer training sessions often lead to mixed groups, bringing together individuals from various backgrounds and skill levels. This creates an exciting environment for networking and making new friends. Embrace the chance to connect with fellow pole dancers, whether they’re visitors from other groups or even from different countries. Sharing experiences, tips, and tricks can create a sense of community within the pole dance world.


Don’t let the summer heat dampen your passion for pole dance. Whether you can attend regular classes or only practice occasionally, staying dedicated to your pole dance training during the summer will yield numerous rewards. Not only will you maintain your hard-earned physical fitness, but you’ll also have the opportunity to explore new studios and meet like-minded individuals.



We’ll be happy to hear from you: Where are you spending these hot summer months? Would you like to share your summer pole dance routine with other pole dancers? Leave a note in the comments below!


The art of capturing perfect pole dance shots

The art of pole dancing is not only about a captivating performance, it is also a visually stunning display of strength, flexibility, and grace. Whether you’re a professional dancer or an enthusiast, capturing beautiful shots of your pole dance moves can be a rewarding way to showcase your skills and progress. In this blog post, we’ll explore some essential tips to help you create visually appealing photographs that truly capture the essence of your pole dance.


Set the Stage.

Creating a visually appealing photograph begins with setting the right stage. Pay attention to the lighting in your environment. Natural light is ideal for achieving crisp, vibrant images. Position yourself near windows or in well-lit areas to make the most of the available light. You can also experiment with different lighting setups, such as soft boxes or ring lights, to highlight your movements.


Find the Perfect Angle.

Experimenting with various angles is crucial when capturing the beauty and elegance of your pole dance. When taking shots, try different perspectives by moving around the pole. Capture shots from below, or try shooting from above for a unique and dramatic view. Don’t be afraid to get close and focus on details like hand placement or pointed toes.


Timing is Key.

As you might have already heard: Timing is everything! And that also stands when it comes to capturing dynamic pole dance shots. Anticipate your movements and plan your shots. Practice your routine to familiarize yourself with the flow and rhythm. That will allow you to capture the perfect moment when you hit a challenging pose or execute a fluid transition. Burst mode or continuous shooting mode on your camera can be a helpful tool to capture a series of shots in quick succession.


This is your opportunity to express yourself.

Pole dancing is not just about physical performance. It’s also a strong form of self-expression. Let your personality shine through in your photographs. Experiment with different facial expressions and body language to bring the emotions and energy of your dance. Play with props, pole dance apparel, or themes to add an extra dimension to your shots. Remember, the more authentic and connected you are to your movements, the more captivating your photographs will be.


Capturing the beauty of pole dance through photography is a rewarding endeavour that requires a combination of technical skill and creative expression. By following these tips, you can enhance your photographic skills and produce stunning shots that showcase your pole dance abilities

So grab your camera, embrace your art, and start capturing those remarkable pole dance moments!



Would you like to add something? Start a conversation in the comments below. 

Keep your passion for the pole and results will follow

Embarking on a pole dancing journey can be an exhilarating and empowering experience. It’s a beautiful fusion of art, athleticism, and self-expression. As with any skill, progress in pole dance requires dedication, patience, and consistent effort. But there may be times when progress feels stagnant or slow, leaving you feeling frustrated and unmotivated. In this blog post, we will explore practical strategies to help you stay motivated even when you don’t seem to be making much progress!


Embrace the Process. Remember that pole dancing is a journey, and progress isn’t always straight forward. Embrace the process, and focus on the joy of dancing rather than solely fixating on the outcomes. Celebrate the small victories, like nailing a move you’ve been practising, or feeling more comfortable and confident on the pole. Every single session contributes to your growth, no matter how small the progress may seem.

Set Realistic Goals. Achievable goals are essential for maintaining motivation. Break down your pole dancing journey into smaller milestones and set realistic goals for each one. Focusing on manageable objectives creates a sense of accomplishment as you tick them off. Remember, progress takes time. That’s why it’s vital to be patient with yourself and acknowledge that learning new skills on the pole is a gradual process.

Mix Up Your Routine. Stagnation can sometimes occur when we get stuck in a monotonous routine. Spice up your pole dance journey by exploring different styles and choreographies or trying other instructors or studios. Variety keeps things interesting and fresh, and exposes you to different teaching methods and perspectives that can reignite your passion for pole dancing.

Seek Inspiration. Surround yourself with inspiration to fuel your motivation. Follow pole dancers on social media, watch performances, attend workshops, and join various pole dance communities. Engaging with a supportive and passionate community can give you valuable insights and encouragement.

Embrace Failure. Failure is a natural part of any learning process. Instead of allowing it to discourage you, view it as an opportunity for growth. Embrace the challenges and setbacks you encounter on your pole dance journey. Learn from them, seek guidance from instructors or fellow dancers, and persist. The most significant breakthroughs often come after overcoming obstacles.

Take Breaks. Sometimes, a lack of progress can be a sign of burnout. It’s crucial to listen to your body and mind. If you’re feeling exhausted or mentally drained, don’t hesitate to take a break. Rest and recharge, engage in other hobbies, and return to pole dancing with renewed enthusiasm when ready.


Maintaining motivation in pole dance, even when progress feels slow, is essential for long-term growth and enjoyment. Remember to embrace the journey, set realistic goals, seek inspiration, and view challenges as opportunities for growth. By adopting these strategies and staying committed to your passion, you can overcome plateaus and continue flourishing in the beautiful art of pole dance.



Do you agree with the above-listed advice? Would you also like to share your “magic formula”? We will appreciate your thoughts in the comments down below.

Pole dance as a powerful tool for self-expression

What does pole dancing mean to you? Is it just a form of good physical exercise, or is there something more?

Many people who start pole dancing, find that the way they perceive themselves, and the world around them, changes and brings a new sense of freedom. They find it teaches them how to really accept and love themselves. Moreover, it gives them the freedom to express themself authentically.

Have you ever thought about pole dancing in this way?


Endless freedom for self-expression

Moving your body through pole dance is slightly different than any other sports activity. It’s not about the rounds and repetitions. It’s not about the number of perfect push-ups or squats. It’s not about time.

When pole dancing, you are completely in control of yourself. But control doesn’t come from the outside; it is inside us. And that is just so liberating. In pole dance, we can express ourselves and our emotions through our movements. In that way, we create our own piece of art.

We can tell a powerful story about ourselves, and our lives in general, through movement. We can express all of our emotions and all the frustrations … Yes, pole dance is, in its own way, a very special form of (self) therapy.


It teaches us a lot about ourselves. Therefore, it’s a highly transformative practice. The most important lesson is definitely a lesson about radical self-acceptance. Initially, many of us may have wanted to be something we are not. Perhaps we wanted to be likeable. Maybe we wanted to give the impression that we had everything in our life under control.

But over time, masks start to slip. Because we were not being ourselves, we didn’t make more noticeable progress on our pole. We were in our own bubble, our own comfort zone. But in reality, we didn’t feel like ourselves at all.

There was too much tension in us. But in time we realised we were surrounded by so much support, love and acceptance. No one was judging us on the classes. No one wanted us to change or to fit in.  And we admired girls who allowed themselves to be who they were. No masks, nothing. Just a raw expression of themselves.


So at one point, maybe we decided that we were also going to give it a try and be unapologetically ourselves on the pole. This practice of pole dance became even more liberating. When we were dancing on the pole we started to use our body as a tool for self-expression. It didn’t matter if our moves weren’t perfect because deep inside, we could feel  something heavy fall off our shoulders. We could finally breathe.

We started to feel so alive, so feminine, so oneself. And we didn’t need to apologise for who we were anymore. It was a giant leap of faith for us, but it was worth it.


If you’re also holding yourself back on the pole, please stop. Allow yourself to be you. To be that wild, untamed woman who puts herself first. Believe me, a new horizon is going to open up for you.



I would like to know whether pole dance taught you how to express yourself more freely? Is a pole dance your way of self-expression? Or is it something completely different? I would be so grateful to read your thoughts about it. 

Healing a broken heart with pole dance

Breakups suck. No one likes them. Of course, you need to take some time to mourn a lost love, but eventually it’s time to move on. You can’t stay forever in your cave, watching romantic movies and stuffing yourself with unhealthy comfort-food.

So if you (or your friends) are dealing with a breakup, this is for you, and can even save you. There are many ways and options that can help you to deal with this challenging period, but pole dance can serve as great breakup therapy. And here comes the ‘why’.


Pole dance is the ultimateself-confidence boost.

After a breakup, our self-confidence can be down. We keep asking ourselves what is wrong with us, or how could we act differently … The list of things to beat ourselves up with goes on and on.

We can fall into the trap of blaming ourselves that the relationship didn’t last.

So, if you relate to the above scenario, try pole dancing. Why? It will help you go from your head to your body. And with regular practice, you will realize just how much your body is capable of. Your mood and posture will change … And sooner or later, you will change, too. You’ll become less judgemental toward yourself, and with time you will realize that you are worthy of love again.


Pole dance will help you to get in touch with your feminine side.

After a good workout, we feel so much better, right? We can feel our hearts beating faster, we’re slightly out of breath and sweaty. Moving our bodies can have many benefits, not only on physical health but also on mental health.

Besides a great workout, pole dance can also help you to get in touch with your feminine side again. It can help you to feel sexier, more empowered and ready to start meeting new people again. Some day you’ll find yourself standing in front of the mirror saying to yourself: “I’m sexy, and I know it.”


Pole dance will help you to become happy again.

It’s completely normal that you need some time to heal after a breakup. It’s a challenging thing. But if that period of constant sadness lasts for too long, it’s not ok.

That’s why it’s vital to not just stay at home and feel sorry for yourself  but to move your body. During an intense pole dance class, your body will produce tons of endorphins, or happy hormones. So, after the session, you’re going to feel so much calmer, more content and more optimistic.


With a regular pole dance practice, you’ll also get a fantastic community.

As I’ve said many times before, the pole dance community is simply the best. I’ve met many amazing and supportive people at the pole dance classes. And after a breakup, this is precisely what we all need. We need to surround ourselves with people that accept us just the way we are. No judgement, just pure love and support.




So, how did you heal after a difficult breakup? What helped you the most? How much time did you need to really move on? I would really appreciate it if you shared your experience with the community – maybe your advice will be exactly what someone out there needs right now. 

Stop hiding – start shining!

We all have moments when we don’t feel comfortable in our bodies (and our lives generally). It’s totally normal. But if those feelings persist for too long, we have to do something, or the quality of our life goes down.

Women are especially prone to negative self-talk and body shaming. And it’s no wonder that we have those feelings, because as women we are bombarded from all sides about how we should look, what we should achieve, how we should feel … The list goes on and on.


Feeling enough

One of the most liberating things in life is when you realize that simply, you are enough. No matter what you do, say, achieve, or look like – you’re enough. Period.  And in our humble opinion, one of the best things for overcoming shame and boosting self-confidence is definitely pole dance.

Now you’re going to ask, what has pole dance to do with positive self-confidence? A lot. You’ll see that in a bit.


Start pole dancing and transform your life

Pole dance can be an excellent transformational tool that leads you from where you are now to where you want to be, or who you want to become.

When you commit to this fantastic sports discipline, you’re not only training your body, but you also go into the deepest parts of your soul. Yes, a lot of times, the process can be challenging and not very pleasant, but if you persist, you will emerge a little bit different. You will grow, develop, and become aware of what matters to you, not to other people, but to you.


And when you know who you really are and what are your values, there’s no more space in your life for shame, negative self-talk and other completely unproductive things. You become the centre of your life, in a positive way.

With regular pole dance practice, you become stronger not only physically but also mentally. You can stand up for yourself and tell your truth.

And when dark moments come (they always will, trust me), you’ll be able to deal with them more efficiently and with less drama.


Your tribe creates your vibe

Another crucial thing about pole dance is the support from fellow pole dancers. The pole dance community is one of the most supportive and loving communities you’ll ever be part of. In such a friendly environment, feeling safe and loved is a piece of cake.

And at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters in life – to be surrounded by people who accept us just the way we are. Then it’s easier for us to stop hiding and step into the limelight of our own lives.


So, the time to shine is now – we at Poledancerka team believe in you!



Hey, we would also like to hear your stories. Please, share with us and other readers if (and how) pole dance has changed your life? Let’s share some positive vibes – maybe we can encourage someone out there to try pole dance too! 

Less sitting, more spinning!

Did you know that adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity each week? And according to some research, only 21 % of adults meet those guidelines. Pretty sad, right?

Spending too much time on our bums can severely affect our health. A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and even to some types of cancer. It can also reduce metabolism and impair our body’s ability to regulate blood sugar. Nobody wants that, right? And what’s more, a sedentary lifestyle also negatively impacts our mental health and increases the risk for depression.

We all know that a sedentary lifestyle is not doing us any good. However, we still find it hard to move our beautiful bodies more regularly.

If you haven’t moved your body as much as you should, this post may encourage you to make a change. You may have already tried different sports activities then quit after some time, but I’m not here to guess what the reason was.


I’m here today to help give you some motivation, and encouragement to take responsibility for your health and overall well-being. Moving your body on a regular basis can be a truly life-changing thing!


Have you tried pole dancing? No? Well, here’s why you should…

If you’re one of those people who’ve tried almost all the sports activities and quit every single time, maybe this year you can try just one more thing … Pole dancing.

From my own experience, you will definitely want to quit, it’s not just rainbows and unicorns, sorry, but if you persist a little bit longer then you’ll be hooked. We guarantee you that. After practising it for some time, pole dance can become a pretty addictive thing (in a positive way).

It’s a fantastic way to move your body. After every practice, you’re gonna feel amazing – sweaty, sore and a little bit out of breath. Your body will be flooded with endorphins, making you feel really good. This fantastic sports activity is also good for your heart as it promotes your body’s blood flow, which is vital for women with a mainly sedentary lifestyle.


Your body will burn lots of calories. With time you will become stronger and more flexible. Another great ‘side effect’ of regular pole dancing is an enormous boost of self-confidence.

And a ‘bonus’ positive thing about practising pole dance is also an amazing community.You’ll meet many fabulous people who will support you and cheer for you!

By giving a pole dance a chance, your life will become better. And that’s what it’s all about, right?



We would like to hear your thoughts. Do you move your body regularly? How do you feel after an intense pole dance workout? Please, share your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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