Your perfect pole dance outfit

When I think about pole dance, the first couple of things that come to my mind are empowerment, strength, sisterhood, flexibility, power. But I also always think about clothes. Designing clothes for pole dance is my passion.

The right pole dance outfit is vital, there’s no doubt. So this post is for all of you who struggle with the pole dance outfit. I will give you some tips and tricks on what to wear to look good, and even more importantly, to feel good on the pole.


Are leggings suitable for pole dance class?

I get a lot of these questions. If you’re just starting with pole dance, wearing leggings and a top is a good choice. But very soon, you’re going to realize that wearing leggings and a long-sleeved top is not supporting your pole dance practice. In fact, those kinds of clothes can actually disable your progress on the pole. You don’t want to wear clothes that restrict your movement on the pole, right? If you want to do more demanding movements, then you will eventually have to show some more skin (or choose leggings that enable a solid grip). The sooner you’re going to realize that it makes no sense to hide your body parts, the better. Skin is actually your best grip on the pole. In my opinion, trendy shorts and a top is staple pole dance outfit. But we must also not forget proper kneepads – believe me, your knees will be forever grateful.


Why choose clothes designed especially for pole dance?

Specialized pole dance apparel enables you to have a whole range of motion. Those clothes are extra comfortable, breathable and durable, allowing a 4-way stretch. In my opinion, pole dance apparel should fully support all the requirements of this fun, but also quite demanding sports activity.


There are so many specialized pole dance clothing brands on the market nowadays that you shouldn’t have any problems picking the right fit for you. And one of them is also Poledancerka, of course. Poledancerka pole dance apparel was designed especially for pole dance. But our pieces are actually so chic and versatile that you can wear them for a bunch of other sports activities. Our pole dance apparel is made with love in very fair and positive working conditions, which I already wrote about in one of my previous posts.


So if you want to treat yourself (or your friends and family members) to something special this holiday season, hop into our web shop. I’m sure you’ll instantly fall in love. We have also prepared some great offers on pole dance sets, so it’s worth checking it out.



Dear pole dancers, I just want to wish you a magical end of the year. I’m really grateful for all the love and support you have shown Poledancerka so far. I appreciate our growing community so much. Have a magical holiday season. I will see you again in 2022!

Getting back on track after an illness

It’s that time of the year again … And with that, I don’t mean the festive time of the year, but I have in mind the season of viruses, flu … You get the point. If you’re perhaps sick at the moment or have just had a cold, then you might feel a little bit down. You might have no energy, feel sluggish, with a sense that you will never feel like yourself again. We’ve all been there.


This post is especially for those who have just gone through some kind of sickness and want to get back on track with their exercise/pole dancing training. I know it sucked big time when you were sick, but give yourself some more time off before you go all-in with your training routine. I’ve prepared some tips for you so that your transition into full-time pole dancing will be done in a safe and self-caring way.


It’s ok to go slow.

If you suffered some kind of viral infection lately and feel you have no physical strength, then allow yourself to rest a bit more. Even if you don’t have any symptoms, that doesn’t mean that you can go all-in. I would suggest that in the first week after any illness, you should still stay home and maybe take some short walks outside or just dance (gently and mindfully) to your favourite pole dance music. People often think that if we don’t have actual symptoms then we’re good to go. But that’s not entirely true. Take it slow. Listen to your body – if it needs some more rest, give it some. You’re going to thank yourself later, believe me.

When you feel that you can really go back on the pole, go. But take it easy. If you’ve been training three times a week before the illness, then you should consider starting with one class a week and then slowly adding more sessions.

After the workout, you should feel energized. If not, then take one step back. If you give your body enough time to recover, you’re going to make much more significant progress later. It’s common sense.


Disclaimer: If you’re recovering from a prolonged or more severe illness, then you should talk to your doctor about how and when to exercise again. 


Give your body what it needs to recover.

It’s vital to give your body all the nutrients it needs to recover and start functioning properly again. Choose foods that give your body the energy it needs, meaning whole and unprocessed foods. Avoid junk food at all costs and instead eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, protein and healthy fats. Your body will be grateful.


It’s also essential to stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water or unsweetened tea is so important when you’re in the recovery process. Water will flush all the toxins out of your body. It will also help your lymphatic system (part of your immune system) to function properly. Just remember,drink lots of fluids, ok?

Don’t forget to take care of your soul too. Usually when we are ill, the last thing we care about is our outlook. Firstly, we don’t have the energy for it, since all we care about is resting. Secondly,  as resting means lying in bed or on the sofa, we therefore want to feel comfortable. So, our look pretty much consists of loose cosy pyjamas, dirty greasy hair and a pale face. That’s why pimping our style back can serve as an important contribution to our recovery. When we present ourselves to the world as attractive, we also start feeling better. So, choose comfortable, sensual and daring apparel when coming back to the pole dance studio after a while.



How do you recover from viral (or any other type of) illness? Do you have any special tips or tricks you want to share with me? I’ll be happy (and probably other pole dancers out there, too) to hear from you. 

Common Myths about Pole dancing

Even though pole dancing is becoming more and more popular each year, there’s still a whole array of myths out there, circulating around our society. So, for this post, we decided to dig into some of the most common myths about pole dancing and try to debunk them.


#1 You should be strong and in good shape to even start with pole dance

I think that we’ve all heard that one. But this myth is just so far from the truth. In fact, pole dance is an amazing activity for women and men of all sizes. So, if you’re just starting and think that you won’t be able to do it, don’t worry. Step by step, you’ll become stronger and stronger. Your body will start to change and your self-confidence will skyrocket. If you think that you have some kilos to lose, before you even start thinking about pole dancing, I’m going to stop you right now! Join a pole dance studio, and start moving and spinning that amazing body of yours. With every practice, you’re going to get a little bit stronger. Just persist and have patience with yourself.


#2 Pole dance is only for girls

What a myth! There are so many amazing and also extremely successful male pole dancers all around the world. Pole dance requires quite a lot of physical strength and therefore, is the best option for all those guys who are bored doing monotonous fitness workouts. I’m so happy that more and more regular guys decide to take pole dance classes – because pole dance is simply an amazing workout. End of story.


#3 You need a dancing background for pole dance

If you think that you need to be (at least) a professional dancer to be able to join a pole dance class, calm down, ok? Yes, there are some dancing elements included in pole dance classes, but believe me, you can learn them. So don’t stress yourself. Just relax and move that body. Maybe you will find out that there’s a hidden dancing talent inside of you.


#4 I’m not sexy enough to be pole dancing

I’ve heard this myth so many times and I still don’t know where it comes from. I think it has something to do with pole dance apparel. Some girls think that they have to wear sexy lingerie on the pole, but that’s just not the case. Yes, there’s special pole dance apparel that’ll make your pole dance training better. And what’s more, you’re also going to feel better wearing some great pieces of pole dance apparel. So, when you come out with an excuse that you’re not sexy enough to go to a pole dance class, think again. Pole dance is hard work. Moreover, it can also do so much for your self-confidence. You’re going to feel a whole lot more connected to your body. So, put on some trendy shorts and a top, and spin around the pole!


#5 Pole dance = stripper’s club

I really couldn’t pass this one. For so long, pole dancing was associated with strippers with many various prejudices held within society. People were judged and are still being judged – because of doing pole dance. And it’s sad. And it’s wrong. And we have to stop it.

People who practice pole dance can do the most to stop those prejudices. Pole dance is a serious sport. And no one can deny it.

So, next time you come across someone who’s been associating pole dance with stripper clubs, just tell him how much pole dance has changed your life – for the better.




What are the most common myths about pole dance that you’ve come across? Please, share them in the comments below. 

Healthy routines are total game changers in these crazy times

The recent situation with its restrictions really turned our world upside down. We went (and are still going) through very challenging times, since our everyday living habits encountered many obstacles. Even though they are promising us our life will become better soon, we are witnessing many signs that it may not be the case since we have no guarantee promises will be kept. Instead, restrictions may grow tighter.


That’s why I decided to share some tips that can help you stay sane through this challenging period that we’ve been facing for more than a year and a half. Because remember – we are pole dancers and we are known for our strength, perseverance, stamina, ingenuity and optimism…


Healthy habits help you keep focused on what truly matters

Whenever things in my life are challenging, a (healthy) routine plays a massive role in keeping me sane and not losing myself completely. I know that many of you feel you have nothing under control and that your whole world is falling apart. But that’s not true. When we decide to put ourselves first and take good care of our wellbeing, then there’s very little chance that the outer circumstances will throw us off balance.

And in this difficult period, knowing that is extremely important. If we know what matters to us and stick to the habits that help us feel good, then there’s nothing in this world that can shake us.

So, now I encourage you to take a moment and think about the things that are important to you – including everything that helps you feel good, and makes you genuinely happy and calm. Grab a pen and paper and write them down.


Move your body

Speaking from experience, staying active has always been my No. 1 thing in stressful times. Regular exercise also helps the immune system stay strong. After a workout, we instantly feel better and our sleep also improves. We stress less and overall feel much more positive and focused on the things that matter.

So, choose the exercise that suits you best (and that’s obviously pole dance :)). Regular pole dancing will help you become stronger and more flexible, improve your mood and help boost your self-esteem.

Don’t wait for tomorrow – grab your favourite pole dance apparel, put on some music and just make some crazy moves. Spin yourself like nobody’s watching. I guarantee you that you’re going to feel 100 % better.


Stick to your exercise routine. Eat healthy food. Journal. Spend time in nature. Turn off the TV. Do whatever helps you to stay focused and calm. Remember that you’re the one in charge of your overall health and wellbeing. Don’t let the outside world shake up your inner peace. With healthy routines, you’re going to feel good every day no matter what’s going on out there. And that’s a promise.



And now I would like to hear from you: What are the routines that help you stay calm and content in stressful times? Share them in the comments below and spread the good vibe throughout our pole dancing community. 

Let’s support local pole dance studios and let’s dance

The last year and a half has been one hell of a spin. We were definitely pushed sent off balance. So many restrictions, so many challenges, so many changes around us. Numerous restrictive measures were destructive for so many small businesses. A lot of them were consequently forced to shut down and so many people lost their jobs …


It’s just heartbreaking to listen to or read such sad stories. Pole dance studios were one of the vulnerable business groups, because they were not allowed to work for quite a while. Can you imagine yourself being a pole dance studio owner? Suddenly you get orders to close your precious small business, which you’ve been working so hard for…


That’s why I decided to dedicate this post to all the small businesses that are trying to survive through these challenging times, including pole dance studios.


So, September is here and for several of them, the upcoming autumn can be a time for new beginnings. Many people are considering better nutrition, more physical activity and new challenges.


If you’re just thinking of taking up new exercise after long hot summer, then consider pole dance and please choose a local studio. Please, support those small businesses that are desperately trying to survive these challenging times. Yes, I know that there’s a bunch of online pole dance classes, but practising pole dance live in a group is definitely something special.


Before going to your practice, you’ll prepare your favourite pole dance apparel: top, shorts, knee pads (of course!) … It’ll become a some sort of ritual for you. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded women that share the same struggles, desires and goals.


I know from my own experience that the pole dance community’s really supportive and encouraging. So with every pole dance practice, you don’t get only great physical activity that will help you get in good shape, but you will also get so much love and support from your fellow pole dancers. There’s also a wonderful chance to create new friendships in a pole dance studio.


That, in my opinion, beats every single online pole dance practice. And what’s more: We should never, ever forget the importance of solidarity. Only if we unite and support each other, will we successfully get through these challenging times. Because I firmly believe, that despite all the challenges that we are facing every single day, in the end, everything will be ok.




Now I would like to hear your thoughts: Do you support small businesses that were affected by the pandemics? Did you change your habits regarding physical activities during these times? Do you practise pole dance online by yourself or do you prefer going to the pole dance studio? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

How can the power of visualization help your pole dancing?

Can you imagine yourself sitting on the beach under a tree with the nice sound of the ocean waves and the feeling of the warm sun caressing your skin?

Great, I believe you managed to see/feel/hear the experience.

Now, can you imagine yourself poledancing in that scene on the beach?

Whoa, whoa, wait… Maybe your mind has jumped in and created confusion: “But that’s impossible, where would I attach the pole?”

Just breathe and relax – and let’s go step by step.


I’m not talking about pole dancing in material 3D version. I’m talking about poledancing in your inner movie.  Like imagining. Visualizing.

You just proved to yourself that you were reading this article, but you still managed to ‘transport’ yourself to the location near the coast. So, as you know – you’ve got this.


Now I just need to tell you a bit about how the visualization process works and how scientists have proven that by practicing your sport through visualization, it can manifest itself in the form of actual progress in your pole dancing skills.

Many scientific studies have already demonstrated the power of visualization in achieving goals in all areas of our lives. Visualization helps you to concentrate deeply on what you want. It is a great relaxation tool and a powerful confidence boost.


Probably we have all practiced visualization in our lives already. When we were younger, we thought about our future and imagined how it would look: in our heads, we created pictures of our dream profession, our dream home, even our dream boyfriend/husband, etc. If we continued to repeat those thoughts for an extended period of time, we would become really focused on achieving those dreams/goals. Soon we begin to realize that we have started taking tangible steps towards the desired goal. Have you ever experienced something similar?



Visualization is a powerful tool for your pole dance shape


You can use the tool of visualization in many areas of your life. This tool can also help you stay in pole dance shape during the long summer days (even without actual training). At this time of the year, we usually take some time off to rest and recharge ourselves.

Even if you aren’t attending any pole dance classes at the moment, don’t worry. You can do the following exercise (to stay in shape / to not forget all the moves from pole dance classes):


When you’re going to be lying on the beach or before falling asleep, take some time to imagine yourself spinning on the pole. Imagine really vividly how you’re spinning on the pole, how your body is strong and toned, how you’re gripping with your arms, how you’re doing all those challenging moves that you were practicing so hard all year … Imagine the whole situation as if it were real. Visualize all the details – from your pole dance outfit to the smell of your sweat. Imagine how you’re feeling in those moments. Imagine every little detail. Be as precise as possible. Don’t limit yourself.


This is a powerful exercise that will help you stay prepared for the next pole dancing season. If you’re going to be persistent, I guarantee you that your physical and mental performance on the pole will be top-notch. But (!) really take some time every single day. No excuses. If pole dance is an important part of your life, that shouldn’t be a problem.


Enjoy your summer!



Now I would like to get some conversation going. Have you ever tried visualization? Does it work for you? Please, share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Is pole dance suddenly so inappropriate that it should be banned on social media?

Pole dance can be both sexy and entertaining, but in reality, it’s a serious sports activity that requires lots of training, determination and discipline. We now know that pole dance is a sports activity and art – all in one.

When I think about pole dance, the first word that comes to my mind is definitely (self) acceptance. Pole dance is all about stepping out of your comfort zone, accepting your body and overcoming all the negative beliefs about yourself. I really can’t point out the downside of this activity.


Popularity brought problems

As pole dance gained its popularity in the last couple of years, the community around this sports activity grew tremendously. More and more women that were involved in pole dance started to show their pole dance skills, but also failures, online. All those posts were all about praising pole dance, empowering other women and celebrating the human body’s abilities.

But around two years ago, the first signs of censorship on social media started to pop up. Many posts and pole-related hashtags on Instagram were blocked with the explanation that they violate Instagram’s community guidelines. Pole dancers from all around the world couldn’t connect and share their pole-related content on Instagram anymore. Several small businesses related to pole dance found themselves in trouble as they couldn’t communicate with their community.


Dr. Carolina Are, who researched how tech platforms moderated content in 2020, published an academic paper titled “How Instagram’s algorithm is censoring women and vulnerable users but helping online abusers.” In the paper, Dr. Are, who is also a very active pole dancer (and pole dance teacher) herself, wrote that throughout 2019 and 2020, Instagram used shadowbans to hide pictures and videos they deemed inappropriate without deleting them, thus preventing freelancers, artists, sex workers, activists and largely, women from reaching new audiences and potentially expanding their pages. Very recently, she experienced the same kind of censorship on TikTok that removed her pole dancing video with the explanation that it violates community guidelines, and promotes adult nudity and sexual activity.

All those stories made me think a lot about this topic. What is acceptable and what is not? Is pole dance really such a pornographic and hateful activity? I don’t think so. For me, it is primarily a great workout that helped me and other women to get stronger and more self-confident. And I think that there are so many women all around the world that would totally agree. The pole dance community is so supportive, non-judgemental and positive in all possible aspects that I really can’t understand what these shadowban attempts are all about.

Everyone should have the right to express themselves freely. And as long as bikini snaps are allowed on social media platforms, I don’t see any reason what on Earth should be wrong with pole-related posts and videos.



What are your thoughts about the pole-related content censorship that is happening on social media platforms? It’s an important topic for the whole pole dance community out there and that’s why I would really like to hear your opinion about it. Please, join this important discussion by leaving a comment down below.

Have the body that you’ll adore (no matter the trends)

Have you also noticed that after an era of skinny models and other celebrities in pop culture, we are now witnessing the slim-thick body trend. It’s less important whether Instagram or the Kardashians changed it, but the key is that we got the broader perspective – which is always good.

But I think it’s still very important to emphasize that none of the extremes in life are good. The same goes for body shape. Be it for women that are too skinny or overweight, none of them are promoting a healthy lifestyle. So, balance plays a key role also when speaking about a healthy body figure.

I was never so keen on fashion trends that only praised women of a certain size and gave all the ‘ordinary’ people the illusion of the perfect body. The fashion industry really went to extremes that made so many ordinary women out there suffer so much.

It also happened (and it still does) at pole dance that girls or women who weren’t a match for those ‘perfect’ measurements didn’t even then want to pole dance. They thought it was an obstacle or the perfect excuse that kept them away from pole dancing. But luckily things are changing and I couldn’t be happier about it. It actually isn’t about the size of the body, but about accepting ourselves and enjoying our own skin! And it will lead us also to achieving good health and success.


I’m delighted that more and more plus-size models are appearing out there, but at the same time, I really miss some more activities that would promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Show up – make conscious choices that are going to lead you to a healthier and happier life


We all know that we can not lie on a couch, eat junk food and be healthy, right? The secret (or not so secret) formula is to regularly move your body, eat a balanced diet, drink a lot of water, have enough sleep, surround yourself with people that accept you just the way you are and do things that make you happy! That’s it! No magic pills! So easy, but so hard.

And if you want to do something good for your body, pole dance is definitively The Thing. So, grab some super comfy pole dance clothes, and spin yourself. I’ve said it before and I’m going to do it again: Pole dance is about empowerment, it’s about being brave and stepping out of your comfort zone and most of all, it’s about accepting yourself just the way you are. Pole dance encourages women of all ages and sizes to show up on the pole and do something for themselves. It’s about moving your body. And when you land among other pole dancers, you’ll realize that they are something else. It’s the community that is insanely supportive and never judges other women, because of some cellulite!


Pole dance is fun and if you persist, you’ll become better and better. You’ll become stronger, more fit, and most importantly, you’ll start feeling great in your own skin. And that’s what really matters, right?

Be aware that you only have one body and it should be your priority to take care of it. Yes, indulge in some ‘not-so-healthy’ food from time to time. There’s nothing wrong with that if you’re making healthy choices the rest of the time.

Our bodies are different, but we have to make decisions that are good for our health and well-being. That’s what I call a balanced lifestyle – and in my opinion, it’s a truly healthy lifestyle.



So, tell me, what’s your opinion on body figure trends? Are you happy with your body? What would help you to improve your shape? Please, leave me a comment down below. I would really like to hear your tips and tricks for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle that support shaping a better physique.

We have the best resellers in the world!

Business is a lot like life – you always end up hanging out with like-minded people or business owners. They mostly always reflect similar values and vibes. And from the beginning of my journey, I really committed myself to the concept that Poledancerka would become a brand, based on positive energy, respect and high-quality products. So when I look back, I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved and how many great and matching business collaborations we’ve made.

I’m so pleased that through the years, we were able to create reliable and trustworthy relationships with other studios and businesses who wanted to become resellers of our products. When we started our small business, word about our high-quality knee pads and other pole dance apparel very soon started to spread by word of mouth.

And since Poledancerka likes it juicy, colorful and exciting – it’s how it all started. Our first reseller became Maxi Fitness n Pole, a company that comes from Hong Kong. We’re really super proud that we’ve been collaborating with them already for 5 years now.

Another story is about Pole Junkie, one of the biggest pole dance resellers, who has been a reseller for our knee pads from the very beginning. About two years ago, Jazzy K Pole, one of the pole dance influencers, helped us to expand our reseller partnership with this giant British reseller. She came across our pole dance apparel and was so impressed by the products that she instantly promoted them to Pole Junkie. And the rest is history.


And the list of similar stories goes on and on. Now Poledancerka pole dance apparel is available practically all over the world. You can find our resellers in Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, France, Greece, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, United States, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Canada, the Philippines, Bermuda, Hungary, Bahrain, Taiwan, and even in French Polynesia, a small country in the South Pacific Ocean. And I couldn’t be more proud.


We like to think that all of the above indicators show we must be doing something right. That’s probably why we have established with all of our resellers so many wonderful business relationships. I’m beyond grateful for such trustworthy resellers that respect our brand and our positive values. They’re aware that selling Poledancerka products also means that they’re actively contributing to a better world.


If you want to find out who offers our products in your country, visit our website and check the list of resellers. And I would also like to know, how did you come across Poledancerka? 

Urgent: Severe violation of women’s human rights going on in the garment industry

Warning: what I’m gonna tell you today might shock you or make you feel unpleasant, angry or sad!

I understand that it is a difficult topic, but it’s the one we have to talk about – because it matters so much. And we owe it to our fellow ‘sisters’ around the world!


Severe violation of human rights in the garment industry

There are actually still countries in the world where human rights are violated in nearly every way. A couple of years ago the Human Rights Watch released a report that revealed the horror that is going on in garment and textile factories in certain countries. Women are an especially vulnerable group in the garment industry. They suffer abuse and severe labour rights violations, since they work in unbearable conditions. As the report says, women are often employed on contract or using the per-piece pay rate while there is no maternity leave and pregnant women are simply fired. Their salaries are also under the minimum wage. With employers often forcing them to work overtime, these women are not allowed to have a break. They frequently experience verbal abuse, cannot even use the toilet, nor have access to drinking water … the list could go on and on!

And in some countries the problem is even worse, since women are not even permitted to work if their husband prohibits them – so they stay completely dependent on men, who can become a kind of owner, treating them very badly or even violently, which is something we (the rest of the world) should not allow nor support!


WTF – fraudulent imitations produced by suppressed women for pole dancers who stand for the empowerment of women!?

It’s clear – women in the garment industry in some countries have no basic rights. It’s just insane that those kinds of things are still happening in the world now! And we are supporting this ‘culture’ (or lack of moral culture) if we buy these clothes produced under such conditions! So,it really is time to stop these inhumane and unethical practices.


I discovered this by coincidence when I found on the global digital market knee pads that turned out to be fraudulent imitations of our Poledancerka original knee pads. I was shocked when I realized that copies of our Poledancerka original knee pads are made in a country where women have no rights, produced for women in the pole dance community on the other side of the globe who are fighting precisely for the empowerment of women -women’s rights and freedom for women all over the world.

Is it just me or is it a paradox and irony that has to be suppressed right now?!


Enough torture for the women in the garment industry!

 I felt a strong need to bring this important topic to the table and to talk about it as much as possible. And I’m counting on your help, because that’s who we are – the pole dance community! This is what we stand for – FOR THE EQUALITY OF WOMEN/HUMAN RIGHTS! And it’s time to help our fellow women all around the world. Our vision is clear: we will not tolerate the torture of women anywhere in the world. ALL WOMEN EVERYWHERE ON EARTH MUST HAVE EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS!


How do we stop it?

I want you to know that it really matters who you buy your clothes from. And it is not only about pole dance apparel, but also other clothes and items.

Pole dance is a sports discipline that empowers women, so it represents everything wrong with us if we buy (cheap) things that are made under inhumane conditions. When deciding on that kind of purchase, we support those (sick) values and enable those businesses to spread all over the world.

When buying any kind of garment, it’s vitally important to ask yourself: »Who made my clothes? « And I don’t want to sound too moralistic, but it is so crucial for us to not just look away, saying »It’s none of my business« or »There’s not much I can do about it«.


Poledancerka’s originals provide all standards for perfect knee protection and comfort

Our small business was established upon really high ethical values. As I wrote in one of my previous posts, I really give my all to the people I work with to make sure they get the best possible working conditions and a fair salary.

And besides that, Poledancerka has stood for originals from the very beginning! Based on our long tradition and rich experience, we can provide durable and quality knee pads and other pole dance clothing. We also know how important it is to be comfortable on the pole as well as all the little tricks and secrets (not visible on the outside, but felt on our body) to produce the items that ensure that.

Remember: Originals and fraudulent imitations may already look the same, but it’s all just a façade. In today’s information era, it’s necessary to always look behind the curtain to see the whole picture where there is no excuse.


I believe that the energy behind every single piece of clothing matters, don’t you? At the end of the day, it is totally up to you what kind of choices you are going to make and what kind of values you are going to support.


Did it also catch you by surprise as it did me when you learned all this? What are your thoughts on this topic? What’s your opinion? I would really like to hear from you – please share your opinions.

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