Is pole dancing for kids too?

In the last few years, the whole perspective on pole dance has changed dramatically, which is such a great news! A lot of things have happened, but what we’re most proud of is that pole dance has become an internationally recognized official sport.

It’s a serious sports activity that requires a lot of strength, flexibility, endurance, and most of all, dedication. And it’s an amazing exercise for every gender and different ages… It helps you get strong and flexible. And many people also say how learning to pole dance has helped them with their self-esteem and self-confidence.


What about pole dance and kids?

In this post, I want to open a completely different topic – I want to write about pole dance and kids. Since our solutions also include pole dance apparel for kids, we’re getting a lot of questions, about whether pole dance is a suitable form of exercise for kids and when it’s the right time to start.

So, our answer is always: Yes, pole dance is an amazing sport for children, just like any other sports activity, like ballet, gymnastics, dance…


If your little ones want to try it out, just find a pole dance instructor that knows how to work with children. Some instructors say that children can start with some form of pole dancing already at the age of 5. Pole dancing classes for children contain a lot of play, so little ones have a lot of fun!


Children usually face with pole very spontaneously, easily and joyfully. Which means that before you know it, they’ll get enough strength for climbing and descending the pole. That’s why they’ll excel at sports at school when they’ll have to present their pole-climbing skills. (Which very few of us have experienced, right?! :))


In addition, with pole dance classes children become strong and flexible, and will learn how to focus and be persistent. So from the physical point of view, pole dance will improve their lives tremendously. But what is most important: through pole dance, they will also be given the opportunity to build their self-esteem and self-confidence. They will learn how to be comfortable in their bodies and how to accept them completely.

And that’s also so important in life!

Maybe in time, your child will also want to continue and even compete. Or maybe pole dance will always stay just a hobby. Either way it’s all positive.


But remember: Pole dance is a dynamic activity that requires strength, balance, flexibility and focus. Even though it’s quite demanding, pole dance can be easily adapted for children of all ages and strength levels. I guarantee you, that pole dance can be the right activity for your little ones, as it will help them to get strong, but at the same time, they will have a lot of fun in their pole dance classes.   


So, if you think about signing your kid up for pole dance training, give it a go. We’ve also created some pretty amazing pieces of pole dance apparel for the little one, so you should definitely give them a look.



What is your opinion about the topic? Do you plan to sign your kid up for a pole dance class? Please share your thoughts about it in the comment section down below.

Top summer tips for every pole dancer

How are you spending your summer days? Have you been practicing pole dance this summer, or have you preferred other activities during the hot months? Well, here are some super simple tips that will help you stay connected (in one way or another) to pole dance.


  1. Stay in shape

If you take a break from pole dance during summer but still want to stay in shape, I recommend you do at least some strength training from time to time. In your training routine, include exercises that support your core strength and stability in general. Do some planks, pull-ups, push-ups, and dips. And also don’t forget about some exercises for flexibility.


  1. What you eat matters

I know that summer is all about holidays and relaxation. And it’s ok to take it easy and just enjoy summertime. Yes, indulge in some comfort food from time to time, but just make sure that most of your meals are healthy and nutritious. It’s actually very easy to eat healthy during summer as there’s so much fruit and vegetables available. After a light and wholesome meal, you’re going to feel so much better than after junk processed food. And your body will be forever grateful, too.


  1. Ever been to pole camp?

Want to meet new pole dancers, do some pole dance classes, and, most of all, have a lot of fun? Then you should definitely consider going to a pole dance camp. I suggest you look on the web and find the one that suits you best. I’m sure you’re going to have a blast!


  1. If it’s too hot, take it easy

Extremely hot days are definitely not the best idea for pole dance training. When the temperature is high, it’s important to take it easy. Drink enough water (or other non-alcoholic drinks) and rest. Simple.


  1. Get trendy

Who said that pole dance clothes can only be for pole dancing? Our sets are the perfect choice for a pool party, and you can also put them on when you go to the beach. I promise that you’ll get noticed.



If you have another tip, on how to spend the summer as a pole dancer, put it in the comment section down below. I would love to read your ideas.  


Enjoy your summer!

Sustainable collection for a better world

Since its inception, Poledancerka has put a lot of emphasis on environmental protection and more conscious consumption. Our vision has always been clear: Creating high-quality and sustainable pole dance clothes and apparel. And little by little all the pieces have come together.

In this post, I want to present our brand new sustainable collection that I’m extremely proud of. This collection connects everything that we stand for: people and the planet.


A better future requires some action

With this sustainable collection, we want to inspire and motivate people to bring about much-needed changes in this world. We all want a better future, right? But wanting something is not enough. Every change starts with action. That’s why the whole sustainable collection was designed for people that care about the environment and their footprint and who are willing to take action.


When sustainable and trendy go hand in hand

The collection consists of various on-trend clothes and accessories, designed in a way that allows you will be able to mix and match different pieces and create your own (sustainable) style.

When making our clothes and accessories, we always put quality before quantity. Our goal is to create pieces that you can wear over and over again for many many years.


Pieces in the sustainable collection are made from Econyl®. Econyl® is a special material that is transformed out of the Nylon waste from landfills and oceans around the world. It performs in exactly the same way as brand new nylon and can be recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again.

The collection includes all the pieces you need for a complete (and trendy) pole dance style.


Among other pieces, it also includes a new model of our knee pads that have a pocket/slip open on both sides where you can insert additional pads for high intensive floor work (pad inserts are not included). They give your knees all the protection they need so you can save them in style.


One of my favourite pieces is definitely a cross wrap top. Because of Econyl®, this top is so soft and comfortable (not joking!). You can pair it perfectly with cross wrap shorts and get the perfect pole dance look.


We designed this sustainable collection for all of you, active, confident and brave women out there. It was made for all of you, who want to actively participate in the creation of a better and fairer world.

Now is the time for us to start creating a brighter future!



I kindly invite you to check our web shop and tell us what you think about the collection. Every single opinion is important to us. That’s why I would really like to know: what are your thoughts about our collection and sustainable fashion in general? 



Time to get familiar with some pole dance terms

Pole dance is definitely a unique sports discipline. Some people still don’t consider it as sport, and see it more as an artistic performance, but that’s the beauty of pole dance – it can be both! Pole dance gives you a strong and demanding workout and at the same time enables you to bring out your artistic expression.

Every sports activity has its own terminology and the same goes for pole dancing. If you’re just starting out with this great activity, then you really should get familiar with some pole dance terminology. That’s why I’ve chose fifteen terms and created this mini pole dance glossary.


Crash mat

A crash mat is a special mat made from safety foam that you put on the floor under your pole. It helps to prevent injuries in case you fall from the pole.


Knee pad

Knee pads are indispensable accessories for every pole dancer. They are a must during any floor work as they cushion your knees and protect them from injury.


Leg warmer

Pole dancers wear leg warmers to keep their muscles warm and help prevent muscle injuries.



Heels in pole dance world are like cream on the cake. So a pair of heels are definitely a must-have to add colour and spice up your pole dancing life, especially if you’re into exotic pole dancing.


Pole outfit

It’s important to wear the best outfit for pole dance, because you do want to be comfortable, warm, safe and attractive at the same time. Shorts are the best option since they won’t restrict your movements while dancing. Also leggings are great in the colder parts of the year, so they can enable you to feel comfortable and warm. You just need to add a sports bra, then you are ready for a quality workout that will boost your body and your confidence at the same time.


Pole dancing grip

Pole dancing grip is one of the most useful secrets among pole dancers. It represents the products that can help improve pole dancers’ grip when your hands start slipping during spins and tricks. There are several different grip aid products on the market, so you can find the best that suit your needs.


 Exotic pole dance

Exotic pole dance is a style of pole dance. It includes heels and a lot of floor work. Therefore it is advisable to wear high-quality knee pads to protect the knees. Exotic pole dance will encourage you to awaken more sensual energy. A lot of emphasis in this style is put on flexibility.


Pole sport

Pole sport is also a style of pole dancing that is less artistic as it puts a lot of emphasis on acrobatic figures and tricks.



Since you are turned upside down, this move requires a lot of strength. To do the invert as safely as possible you should do a lot of other moves that will prepare you for the final move.



Cupid is one of the basic pole dance elements. First, you side climb the pole. Your top leg should be bent at the knee around the pole. The lower leg (weaker leg) should be extended with the sole of the foot pressing the pole. You hold on with your upper leg and the foot. Then you lean away from the pole.



Ayesha is not an element for beginners as it requires quite a lot of strength and good body coordination. In this element, you will find yourself in an inverted position. Both hands will be gripping the pole and your legs will be facing the pole open in a V-shape.


Ballerina Spin

The Ballerina Spin can show us how elegant and feminine pole dance is. In this element, one leg is wrapped around the pole and the other is extended. With one hand you grip the pole as high as you can. The other hand is extended in front and slightly upwards.



Climbing is one of the most basic moves in pole dance. It’s actually a way to move up the pole. It’s a good move that helps you build strength so that you’ll be able to hold your body weight on the pole.



These are useful tools for incorporatinginto your training, since they are great for assisting you with resistance-based conditioning and prehab or rehab exercises.


Roller Ball

Roller ball comes handy after your workout to help you loosen tight muscles. As we have said before, pole dance is often a serious sport so experiencing tight muscles can be very common.



Did you find this post helpful? Share it with other pole dancers or everyone who wants to get familiar with pole dance terminology. Is there perhaps another professional word you and your pole dancing friends use a lot these days?

Let’s celebrate! Poledancerka is 4th amongst the top Pole Dance blogs in the world!!

When we work hard we often forget to stop and celebrate our small (and sometimes even bigger) accomplishments and successes. On top of the normal day-to-day tasks of running the Poledancerka business, we put a lot of time and energy into this blog, and it means a lot when we get your kind feedback. It’s especially empowering to see that all our efforts are paying off.

Soooo … I have a very special announcement for you … Poledancerka’s blog has ranked 4th among 60 pole dance blogs and websites. This is huge for us! And it is definitely a reason to celebrate!


Receiving such recognition means the world to us. It means that all the hard work isn’t for nothing. It feels like our mission is really bringing an added value to this world.

As a consequence, we would really like to thank all of you who read this blog and support our brand. There are no words that can describe how grateful and privileged we feel. We’re doing things that we love. We are the best team in the world, and we’re surrounded by the most loving and supporting pole dance community. And because of that, it’s always easier to overcome all the obstacles and challenges that come our way.

We created this blog for all of you, who love pole dance and want to do something good for yourself. We started writing it to lift you up, to give you an additional confidence boost. And our biggest goal was: to teach you how to accept and love yourself, no matter what.

For us, pole dance is not only a sport, it’s so much more. Giving yourself a good spin on the pole is so empowering. It’s hard to describe those feelings … but I think you know what I have in mind.


We really don’t know what the future has in store for us, but we know that we want to continue Poledancerka’s story and mission: To give you high-quality pole dance apparel and accessories. And importantly, we’re heading more and more towards sustainability, as we believe this is the only right way in the fashion industry.

What about this blog? We just want to keep on inspiring you, entertaining you, empowering you and giving you lots of useful pole dance tips and tricks.



Thank you one more time for all the positive feedback that we’ve received over these years. If you have any requests about future blog posts, please share them. We’re always happy when we get a requests, suggestions and comments … 



Celebrate International Women’s Day with Poledancerka

It’s clear to us all that turbulent times are far from over… and it’s hard to watch all the suffering going on today. But at the same time, it’s also vital that we know that we need to take care of ourselves first before we can then take care of others. That especially goes for women. I’m very well aware that women frequently take care of everyone else and totally neglect themselves. They completely put aside their own needs, desires, pleasures… you name it.

I want to take the opportunity in this post to encourage you to stop for a moment and ask yourself: ‘When was the last time I did something nice for myself? When was the last time I nurtured myself, my body, my soul?’ Despite all the horrors going on in the world at the moment, I encourage you, if you have a chance, to pause and ask yourself what it is that you need at the moment? Maybe it’s a little treat. It might even be a new piece of pole dance apparel for your pole dance class.


When women support women

One thing I really like about pole dance is the group spirit. Pole dancers are such a supportive community. I’ve experienced so much love, joy, support and encouragement at pole dance classes. And I’m pretty sure that you’ve experienced it too.


And as a small (pole dance apparel) business owner, I appreciate every single purchase you make. Because when you support our team, you don’t just get a new piece of pole dance set. No, with your purchase you support our dreams and goals, an important part of which is encouraging the empowerment of women everywhere. You should know that your purchase is so much bigger than you think!


As you might have noticed, the prices of all the goods are going up and materials are more and more expensive. But at Poledancerka we have decided that we won’t increase the prices of our products. We will stick to existing prices as long as we can. Because we know that, especially for women, it’s sometimes so hard to get something nice for ourselves. But the message that we share with our brand is the most important for us.


We want this year’s International Women’s Day to be different. We would love to see you treating yourself to something nice. Please, don’t forget to celebrate your womanhood. Just a hint: Our team decided to treat you to some really great price deals for some of our pole dance apparel and accessories.


And please, don’t forget that it’s a special honour to be a woman. We’ve come so far, even though we still have a long journey ahead, I know that we’re on the right path.



I have a little favour to ask: I want to spread positivity and good vibes around the whole community. I ask you to write a little encouragement note to all the women out there and leave it in the comments down below. Your effort will be much appreciated. 

How to stay motivated with pole dance?

The beginning of the year is the perfect time for a fresh start. That is – for introducing a new healthy habit into our everyday lives and getting rid of a not so healthy ones. Yet we all know from experience that deciding on a new healthy habit is the easy part. Actually sticking to it is the difficult bit, because the old habits are so stubborn! Easy comfort and short-cuts are so magnetic to all of us right? It’s in our nature! Grrr…

But, there is a way we can actually take the stubborn part and use it for overcoming our weakness! I can tell you, girls in the pole dance community are known for that. Woohoo.!


So this post for all of you who decided to start (or be more consistent with) pole dance, but often lack motivation. I will reveal some great tips that will help you stay on track and become unstoppable. Even in the moments when you feel totally unmotivated and would only like to lay on the couch, binge-watch Netflix and indulge in a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s.

Here we go… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1:


Make a realistic plan

Many New Year’s resolutions fail because we don’t set realistic goals. That’s a fact. If you’ve decided that you’re going to start practising pole dance five times a week, that’s simply not realistic. And I can guarantee you that it’s impossible to stick with it, especially if you were not active for quite some time.

I suggest you start with baby steps. Start with one pole dance session per week and when it becomes a habit, you can slowly add second (or even third) training.

Your progress should be slow, but steady. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Partner up 

It’s definitely better if you start pole dancing with your friend. In that way, you will be more accountable and won’t be so easily tempted to skip the pole dance session and just stay home under a warm blanket.

You and your friend can support and motivate each other and go together through more challenging times when you totally lack motivation and want to give up on yourself.


Treat yourself by getting some nice pole dance apparel

It’s definitely easier to start practising pole dance if you buy yourself really nice and comfortable pole dance apparel. Treat yourself with a trendy set and definitely don’t forget about some really good knee pads – your knees will be forever grateful.

It’s so vital that you feel good on the pole. Your pole dance apparel should really fit your needs and give you the maximum comfort possible.

When you feel good on your pole dance training, it’s definitely more likely that you’re going to stick to this habit.


Be your own inspiration

When you want to give up, just remember how good you feel after pole dance training. Your heartbeat is faster, the levels of your feel-good hormones are high and you just feel amazing!

Moreover, after a couple of months, you’re starting to notice some really nice changes, too. Your body gets stronger, leaner and more toned … You just feel much better in your own skin. You have more energy and you feel more and more self-confident.

You just cannot say that it’s not worth it, right?


I also have to say that you should have fun! Life doesn’t have to be too serious. You should approach any healthy habit in a more relaxed way. Even if you fail from time to time, don’t stress too much. Just start again as soon as possible. It’s not the end of the world, ok? We all have good and bad moments. We all lack motivation from time to time. And that’s totally fine. What’s not ok is when that feeling of laziness takes over our life.



How do you motivate yourself? Do you have some magical tips and tricks? I would very much appreciate it if you share them in the comments down below. 

Your perfect pole dance outfit

When I think about pole dance, the first couple of things that come to my mind are empowerment, strength, sisterhood, flexibility, power. But I also always think about clothes. Designing clothes for pole dance is my passion.

The right pole dance outfit is vital, there’s no doubt. So this post is for all of you who struggle with the pole dance outfit. I will give you some tips and tricks on what to wear to look good, and even more importantly, to feel good on the pole.


Are leggings suitable for pole dance class?

I get a lot of these questions. If you’re just starting with pole dance, wearing leggings and a top is a good choice. But very soon, you’re going to realize that wearing leggings and a long-sleeved top is not supporting your pole dance practice. In fact, those kinds of clothes can actually disable your progress on the pole. You don’t want to wear clothes that restrict your movement on the pole, right? If you want to do more demanding movements, then you will eventually have to show some more skin (or choose leggings that enable a solid grip). The sooner you’re going to realize that it makes no sense to hide your body parts, the better. Skin is actually your best grip on the pole. In my opinion, trendy shorts and a top is staple pole dance outfit. But we must also not forget proper kneepads – believe me, your knees will be forever grateful.


Why choose clothes designed especially for pole dance?

Specialized pole dance apparel enables you to have a whole range of motion. Those clothes are extra comfortable, breathable and durable, allowing a 4-way stretch. In my opinion, pole dance apparel should fully support all the requirements of this fun, but also quite demanding sports activity.


There are so many specialized pole dance clothing brands on the market nowadays that you shouldn’t have any problems picking the right fit for you. And one of them is also Poledancerka, of course. Poledancerka pole dance apparel was designed especially for pole dance. But our pieces are actually so chic and versatile that you can wear them for a bunch of other sports activities. Our pole dance apparel is made with love in very fair and positive working conditions, which I already wrote about in one of my previous posts.


So if you want to treat yourself (or your friends and family members) to something special this holiday season, hop into our web shop. I’m sure you’ll instantly fall in love. We have also prepared some great offers on pole dance sets, so it’s worth checking it out.



Dear pole dancers, I just want to wish you a magical end of the year. I’m really grateful for all the love and support you have shown Poledancerka so far. I appreciate our growing community so much. Have a magical holiday season. I will see you again in 2022!

Getting back on track after an illness

It’s that time of the year again … And with that, I don’t mean the festive time of the year, but I have in mind the season of viruses, flu … You get the point. If you’re perhaps sick at the moment or have just had a cold, then you might feel a little bit down. You might have no energy, feel sluggish, with a sense that you will never feel like yourself again. We’ve all been there.


This post is especially for those who have just gone through some kind of sickness and want to get back on track with their exercise/pole dancing training. I know it sucked big time when you were sick, but give yourself some more time off before you go all-in with your training routine. I’ve prepared some tips for you so that your transition into full-time pole dancing will be done in a safe and self-caring way.


It’s ok to go slow.

If you suffered some kind of viral infection lately and feel you have no physical strength, then allow yourself to rest a bit more. Even if you don’t have any symptoms, that doesn’t mean that you can go all-in. I would suggest that in the first week after any illness, you should still stay home and maybe take some short walks outside or just dance (gently and mindfully) to your favourite pole dance music. People often think that if we don’t have actual symptoms then we’re good to go. But that’s not entirely true. Take it slow. Listen to your body – if it needs some more rest, give it some. You’re going to thank yourself later, believe me.

When you feel that you can really go back on the pole, go. But take it easy. If you’ve been training three times a week before the illness, then you should consider starting with one class a week and then slowly adding more sessions.

After the workout, you should feel energized. If not, then take one step back. If you give your body enough time to recover, you’re going to make much more significant progress later. It’s common sense.


Disclaimer: If you’re recovering from a prolonged or more severe illness, then you should talk to your doctor about how and when to exercise again. 


Give your body what it needs to recover.

It’s vital to give your body all the nutrients it needs to recover and start functioning properly again. Choose foods that give your body the energy it needs, meaning whole and unprocessed foods. Avoid junk food at all costs and instead eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, protein and healthy fats. Your body will be grateful.


It’s also essential to stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water or unsweetened tea is so important when you’re in the recovery process. Water will flush all the toxins out of your body. It will also help your lymphatic system (part of your immune system) to function properly. Just remember,drink lots of fluids, ok?

Don’t forget to take care of your soul too. Usually when we are ill, the last thing we care about is our outlook. Firstly, we don’t have the energy for it, since all we care about is resting. Secondly,  as resting means lying in bed or on the sofa, we therefore want to feel comfortable. So, our look pretty much consists of loose cosy pyjamas, dirty greasy hair and a pale face. That’s why pimping our style back can serve as an important contribution to our recovery. When we present ourselves to the world as attractive, we also start feeling better. So, choose comfortable, sensual and daring apparel when coming back to the pole dance studio after a while.



How do you recover from viral (or any other type of) illness? Do you have any special tips or tricks you want to share with me? I’ll be happy (and probably other pole dancers out there, too) to hear from you. 

Common Myths about Pole dancing

Even though pole dancing is becoming more and more popular each year, there’s still a whole array of myths out there, circulating around our society. So, for this post, we decided to dig into some of the most common myths about pole dancing and try to debunk them.


#1 You should be strong and in good shape to even start with pole dance

I think that we’ve all heard that one. But this myth is just so far from the truth. In fact, pole dance is an amazing activity for women and men of all sizes. So, if you’re just starting and think that you won’t be able to do it, don’t worry. Step by step, you’ll become stronger and stronger. Your body will start to change and your self-confidence will skyrocket. If you think that you have some kilos to lose, before you even start thinking about pole dancing, I’m going to stop you right now! Join a pole dance studio, and start moving and spinning that amazing body of yours. With every practice, you’re going to get a little bit stronger. Just persist and have patience with yourself.


#2 Pole dance is only for girls

What a myth! There are so many amazing and also extremely successful male pole dancers all around the world. Pole dance requires quite a lot of physical strength and therefore, is the best option for all those guys who are bored doing monotonous fitness workouts. I’m so happy that more and more regular guys decide to take pole dance classes – because pole dance is simply an amazing workout. End of story.


#3 You need a dancing background for pole dance

If you think that you need to be (at least) a professional dancer to be able to join a pole dance class, calm down, ok? Yes, there are some dancing elements included in pole dance classes, but believe me, you can learn them. So don’t stress yourself. Just relax and move that body. Maybe you will find out that there’s a hidden dancing talent inside of you.


#4 I’m not sexy enough to be pole dancing

I’ve heard this myth so many times and I still don’t know where it comes from. I think it has something to do with pole dance apparel. Some girls think that they have to wear sexy lingerie on the pole, but that’s just not the case. Yes, there’s special pole dance apparel that’ll make your pole dance training better. And what’s more, you’re also going to feel better wearing some great pieces of pole dance apparel. So, when you come out with an excuse that you’re not sexy enough to go to a pole dance class, think again. Pole dance is hard work. Moreover, it can also do so much for your self-confidence. You’re going to feel a whole lot more connected to your body. So, put on some trendy shorts and a top, and spin around the pole!


#5 Pole dance = stripper’s club

I really couldn’t pass this one. For so long, pole dancing was associated with strippers with many various prejudices held within society. People were judged and are still being judged – because of doing pole dance. And it’s sad. And it’s wrong. And we have to stop it.

People who practice pole dance can do the most to stop those prejudices. Pole dance is a serious sport. And no one can deny it.

So, next time you come across someone who’s been associating pole dance with stripper clubs, just tell him how much pole dance has changed your life – for the better.




What are the most common myths about pole dance that you’ve come across? Please, share them in the comments below. 

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