Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we are getting ready for the red. Yes, sometimes we are definitely in need of this color! And Valentine’s Day is the perfect time, since red is the color of love, passion, energy and action.

Putting on red clothes or accessories awakens a true feminine side in us. The color red gives us additional confidence and in general, makes us feel our inner power. What can I say – there can never be too much confidence and power J.

But don’t get me wrong – I don’t always feel like wearing red. This color is sacred for me in its own way. I keep it for special occasions and moods. And Valentine’s Day is definitely one of them.

As a devoted pole dancer, I also want to spice up my Valentine pole dancing outfit. And my red knee pads are just a perfect choice. Putting those knee pads on and spinning on the pole gives me a special boost and makes me feel like conquering the world (or my pole).

If you’re also thinking about spicing up your pole dance outfit, give red knee pads a try on Valentine’s Day this year. They are so stylish and I guarantee that you will be a star on the dance floor. And at the same time, your knees are gonna be protected.

And if your darling still has no idea what to give you for Valentine’s Day, maybe this is the right moment to give him a hint and show him a pair of those stylish knee pads … Then you can surprise him and show him some of your pole dance moves at home …There isn’t any better way to say thank you, right? Just let your imagination run wild. 🙂 Have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day!


And now a question for you: What does the color red mean to you? Do you like it? Does it have any special meaning for you? Leave me a comment in the section down below.