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X top nude, Diamond bottom nude, knee pads Invisible

X top Nude

A simple, but chic, pole dance sporty top, cut with a flattering slinky fabric. This sleek top is perfect for all kinds of sporting activities or layering with your new season looks. Effortlessly achieve a chic style on the pole or combine it with your favorite high waisted pants.

Diamond shorts Nude

Pole dance catwalks are being dominated by high waisted contemporary design bottoms. These simple yet sleek black bottoms have a high waist fit for a flattering finish with retro vibes that can be worn throughout the day. Wear them under a sheer dress or long skirt so the naked eye can see or step into minimal styling this season and keep your poolside vibes mega hot!

Poledancerka knee pads© Invisible with pocket

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Perfect product for performances, almost invisible.

Poledancerka knee pads© are a great innovation for all pole dance and dance lovers. This new model has a pocket/slip open on both sides where you can insert additional pads for high intensive floor work (pad inserts are not included).

They are almost invisible and will make you feel like you’re only wearing your skin. There’s also a sticky area to grip the pole easily. They don’t slip, and they don’t move around even when exercising pretty hard (if the size is right).

The longer you wear them the more they conform to your shape, finding a perfect fit for your knees. They can be used for all kinds of tricks on the pole, or just wear them as a fashionable accessory.

Save your knees in style!

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NECK (cm) 28-31 30-33 33-35 35-37
CHEST (cm) 77-80 80-94 94-98 99-105

WAIST (cm) 62-66 66-72 72-79 79-84
HIPS (cm) 80-78 87-93 93-99 99-105

Measure yourself a narrowest part of lower thigh circumference.

Lower thigh circumference From 34 cm to  36 cm From 36,5 cm to 38,5 cm From 39 cm to 41 cm From 41,5 cm to 43,5 cm From 44 cm to 46 cm


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